Citrix Workspace on Linux

Two minor tweaks to get the Citrix Workspace app working as it should be on Linux. Certificate errors preventing a connection?Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Receiver) for Linux does not trust too many Root Certificate Authorities by default. This causes certificate errors when you are trying to connect to a server with a certificate from an […]

Collecting iOS device logs on Windows

Ever needed to collect device logging from an iOS device? These logs can be very useful when troubleshooting issues with an app or MDM. Sure when running a MAC it is no problem, you can use Xcode. When you are running on Windows it is a bit more difficult. With the disappearance of  iPhone Configuration […]

Decoding an Android apk

The Android package format (apk) is actually a zip with some resources and compiled java. Sometime you want to peek into the package for troubleshooting issues. Unzipping the apk will not give you the best result. You actually need a tool that will give you a readable result. That tool is the wonderful APKTOOL. A […]

.plan 2015

This year started extremely bad with the death of my wife. My professional goals will be kept quite limited as I have more urgent matters to take care of. Primary goals: Finish the MCSE “Server 2012” track. – moved from 2014 Extend my current VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization.Done Certify as a […]