Calendar – One way sync errors

Are some of your users experiencing strange one way sync problems with their Calendar? Are appointments syncing from Outlook to the BlackBerry just fine but do appointments created on the BlackBerry not sync to Outlook for these users? Other users on the same BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), Exchange Mailbox server and even Exchange database are […]

Besuseradminclient – Deleting users

I explained in an earlier post how to delete users with the besuseradminclient tool. A recap: Example – Delete a user with email address besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -delete -u Explanation: -delete : the command for deleting users -u : the username / email address To delete multiple accounts in one […]

Starting an ESX VM from command line

Sometimes you need to be able to start a VM (Virtual Machine) from the command line. For example when you are experiencing problems with the Virtual Center VM and you don’t have a client with the right tools available (like while standing behind the console of the ESX(i) server in a datacenter). You can start […]