Useful powershell commands

I’ve been using Powershell more often the last year and a half. Looking back almost all of my Powershell adventures start with the same few commands: get-command When I’m looking for a cmdlet to perform an action I use get-command to find suitable cmdlets.  For example get-command *move*  will list all cmdlets with move somewhere in […]

Exporting an IT Policy – Part 3

As the final in the Exporting an IT Policy series I just wanted to mention how you can export (all) BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) IT policies by using the BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS). When logged on to the BAS you expand “Policy” under BlackBerry solution management and select “Manage IT Policies”. This will show you a […]

Exporting an IT Policy – Part 2

In the previous post I wrote about using the BlackBerry IT Policy Import and Export Tool for exporting BlackBerry IT policies. The second way to export an IT policy is to use the BES User Admin Client tool (BESUserAdminClient.exe). This tool allows you to export a policy to a comma separated file. First you can list […]