Unable to enable deleted BlackBerry user

I ran into this error message twice today when creating BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) accounts using the besuseradminclient. The besuseradminclient generates an error similar to: (01/12 17:18:24.999):{0x1344:1} [ERROR] Unable to enable deleted BlackBerry user: test14@example.com,bes01 These errors are generated by accounts still queued for deletion.  Removing an account is a background task and normally takes […]

Teamviewer on Fedora 17

TeamViewer is a great tool to support remote clients. Lots of companies or IT service providers use it to support their clients. It is mostly used from Windows clients to support other remote Windows clients but it also runs on linux so you can use it from your Linux client to support remote clients, even […]

Change session timeout for BAS

Tired of being logged out from your administration session in your browser? If you would like to change the default inactivity timeout for your sessions on the BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS) you can do this by modifying a setting in a configuration file. You just have to edit <.. your installation directory ..> \BAS\jboss\ejb\server\default\deploy\jboss-web.deployer\conf\web.xml. Just […]

.plan 2013

A new year has started which means some new and updated goals. Primary goals: Become a BlackBerry Certified Solution Designer – BCP-620 Exam. Done Get BlackBerry certifications for their new products when they become available. No longer relevant Start updating my Microsoft “skills” from MCITP 2008 EA to the new “Server 2012” track. Done Optional […]