SSHFP & ssh-keygen

I have been using ssh-keygen to generate ssh fingerprints (SSHFP) for my hosts to add to my dns zone. There is a small gotcha to using ssh-keygen in this case. You cannot use it to generate the resource records for a remote server. When you think about it using ssh-keygen -r to generate fingerprints (for verification […]

BES5.x – Simple user distribution algorithm

On BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 the dispatcher uses an algorithm to distribute users over message agents. There are two algorithms available, simple and complex. By default the complex algorithm, which groups users based on their exchange server, is used. The simple algorithm just balances users equally across all agents. In a pure Exchange 2007 or […]

.plan 2014

A new year has started which means some new and updated goals. I have dropped the RHCE stuff from last year. Primary goals: Finish the MCSE “Server 2012” track. Extend my current LPI 2 certification (it has been almost 3 years already).Done! Setup OpenVPN. Done! Learn more about DNS Sec.Done! Optional goal(s): Learn to script […]

Powershell V2 – CannotIndex error when working with arrays

Ever had the cannotindex runtime exception when working with powershell arrays? I present the following situation: Create three .txt files and verify their creation with get-childitem *.txt. PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> echo 1 > 1.txt PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> echo 2 > 2.txt PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> echo 3 > 3.txt PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> Get-ChildItem *.txt     Directory: C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB Mode                LastWriteTime     Length […]