Besuseradminclient – Bulk operations

The besuseradminclient tool provides you with a command line interface to the BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS). With this tool you can create users, assign/remove software configurations, resend service books, etc.

One of the main features is the ability to run besuseradminclient with the use of an import file allowing you to execute the same operation, like adding users, multiple times and with different parameters in one run.

Let’s say you have to create 3 users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). You could execute the following:

besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -add -b bes01 -group standard -wt 12 -w activate1  -u
besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -add -b bes02 -group standard -wt 24 -w activate2  -u
besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -add -b bes01 -group restricted -wt 48 -w activate3  -u

This will work but for each iteration the besuseradminclient will have to start and establish a connection to the BAS which is kind of slow. Also you have to provide credentials and the correct parameters for each time the besuseradmin client will run.

To overcome this use the -i switch to point to an import file containing the some or all of the parameters. For example consider the following import file c:\import.csv:


The first line of the the import file contains the switches for the parameters and servers as a header. Now you can suffice with one besuseradminclient run:

besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -add -i c:\import.csv


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  1. Hi Remy,

    Really the bulk operations using BES user admin tool is very useful. Could you please provide the example to delete bulk users using BES user admin tool

    Many thanks

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