Besuseradminclient – Deleting users

I explained in an earlier post how to delete users with the besuseradminclient tool.

A recap:

Example – Delete a user with email address

besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -delete -u

-delete : the command for deleting users
-u : the username / email address

To delete multiple accounts in one go you can use the -i switch to point to an import file containing the emailadresses. For example consider the following import file c:\delete.csv:


The first line of the the import file contains the switch -u and acts as a header. Now you can delete the accounts with one besuseradminclient run:

besuseradminclient.exe -bas_auth -username admin_user -password Password -delete -i c:\delete.csv

Running the command will generate output similar to:

BlackBerry(R) Enterprise Server User Administration Tool Version
Copyright (c) Research In Motion, Ltd. 2009-2010. All rights reserved.
(05/11 14:17:46) Running command 1 of 4…
(05/11 14:17:52) Running command 2 of 4…
(05/11 14:17:54) Running command 3 of 4…
(05/11 14:17:55) Running command 4 of 4…
(05/11 14:17:57) …Done
(05/11 14:17:57) Command Results:
D:\BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit\BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool Client>