BlackBerry OS6, text messages and java exceptions

We are supporting a few thousand of BlackBerry Bold 9780 and Torch 9800 devices.

Some of the early OS6 revisions seem to have issues with corruption of the text messages database. This results in users being unable to read their texts while receiving the following error messages:

Uncaught exception java.lang.indexOutofBoundsException


Uncaught Exception: String index out of range: 31

To resolve this you can do:

  • Nothing, sometimes the error disappears after receiving new texts
  • Remove the text message database by using the desktop manager software
  • Remove the text message database by performing a security wipe
  • Upgrade to the latest and greatest firmware revision (the only permanent solution)

The following two articles on the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center cover these issues: KB25973 and KB27928