SSHFP & ssh-keygen

I have been using ssh-keygen to generate ssh fingerprints (SSHFP) for my hosts to add to my dns zone. There is a small gotcha to using ssh-keygen in this case. You cannot use it to generate the resource records for a remote server. When you think about it using ssh-keygen -r to generate fingerprints (for verification […]

Installing only security updates with yum

When you run yum check-update it will show you all available updates relevant to the system. However on a production system you normally would want to install only necessary security updates first allowing you to address the other updates when you deem them necessary. Enter the yum security plugin. The yum security plugin allows you […]

Teamviewer on Fedora 17

TeamViewer is a great tool to support remote clients. Lots of companies or IT service providers use it to support their clients. It is mostly used from Windows clients to support other remote Windows clients but it also runs on linux so you can use it from your Linux client to support remote clients, even […]

A short intro to Slackbuilds

Slackware is my favorite Linux distribution. One major “drawback” is its focus on a very specific and limited set  of packages (which I also see as a main strength). There is an intermediary between the traditional DIY way compiling from source and using precompiled packages: a SlackBuild script. The maintainers of Slackware use SlackBuild scripts […]