SmartOS – DHCP

I’m running a DHCP server on a Windows 2012R2 guest on the SmartOS hypervisor. DHCP wasn’t working though. From the vmadm man page I gather: nics.*.allow_dhcp_spoofing: With this property set to true, this VM will be able to operate as a DHCP server on this interface. Without this, some of the packets required of a […]

SmartOS – Alias property

When you create a new virtual machine in SmartOS an UUID is generated and assigned. These UUIDs are not very informative which can make it a bit hard to distinguish one virtual machine from the other.   Example: which one is my Slackware box? # vmadm list UUID                                  TYPE  RAM      STATE             ALIAS 07fc9d1d-58a6-4665-9673-93340a406ab9  KVM   512      […]

Starting an ESX VM from command line

Sometimes you need to be able to start a VM (Virtual Machine) from the command line. For example when you are experiencing problems with the Virtual Center VM and you don’t have a client with the right tools available (like while standing behind the console of the ESX(i) server in a datacenter). You can start […]