Collecting iOS device logs on Windows

Ever needed to collect device logging from an iOS device?
These logs can be very useful when troubleshooting issues with an app or MDM.

Sure when running a MAC it is no problem, you can use Xcode.

When you are running on Windows it is a bit more difficult. With the disappearance of  iPhone Configuration Utility there seems to be no official Apple tool for Windows (how strange..). One has to resort to 3rd party apps like iTools. Some apps do a lot more than required and some other apps are from sources I find difficult to trust.

I was pleased to find a command line tool called iOSLogInfo from BlackBerry support. I’ve worked closely with BlackBerry support in the past and have I enough trust in them to use their tools. BlackBerry uses iOSLogInfo to collect data when troubleshooting their BES product on iOS devices.

iOSLogInfo is quite simple to use and does not require a lot of effort (“only” iTunes required) to get it to work. BlackBerry has a support page  (How to collect device console logs for iOS devices) containing the download and info on how to start collecting logs.

p.s. the article also explains how to collect logs with Xcode