Exporting an IT Policy – Part 1

As an administrator of a BlackBerry environment you may need to be able to export BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) IT policies. Think of situations where you would want to make the policies available in a different BlackBerry domain or when you want to make a backup before removing a policy from the server.

You can export (and import) an IT policy by using the BlackBerry IT Policy Import and Export Tool. This tool is a member of the “BlackBerry Analysis, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Tools” in the “BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit”.

The examples listed below assume you are using Windows Authentication in your environment.

In an environment where you use Windows Authentication and only the BES service account (i.e. BESadmin) has rights to the BlackBerry configuration database the most convenient thing to do is to logon as the service account or start a cmd.exe in the security context of the service account with runas.

Once you have done that you can list all the IT Policies with a command similar to:

ITPolicyImportExport.exe -n SQL01\BLACKBERRY -db BESMgmt -list

In my example the SQLserver hosting the database is called SQL01 with the SQL instance called BLACKBERRY. The database is called BESMgmt which is the default.
You can find the name of the SQLserver and database for your environment on the Database tab of the BlackBerry Server configuration tool on your BES.

The result of the list command will resemble something like this:

BlackBerry(R) IT Policy Import & Export Tool Version
Copyright (c) Research In Motion, Ltd. 2000-2010. All rights reserved.
Modification date: May  3 2010

Log files will be written to: D:\BlackBerry AMT Tools\Logs\itpolicyimportexportlog.txt

IT policies:
1. Advanced Security
2. Advanced Security with No 3rd Party Applications
3. Basic Password Security
4. Default
< .. removed for brevity .. >
16. TEST Policy

You can export one specific IT policy with:

ITPolicyImportExport -export -n SQL01\BLACKBERRY -db BESMgmt -itpolicy “TEST Policy” -file TEST-policy.txt

With the selectall parameter you can export all IT Policies to a file with one command.

ITPolicyImportExport.exe -n SQL01\BLACKBERRY -db BESMgmt -export -selectall -file export-all.txt

You can find documentation about this tool on the BlackBerry site here.
Download the BlackBerry Enterprise Resource Kit here.