Following a device password set in the BES log

When you require device passwords on your BES managed devices once in a while you need to reset the password to something known. Examples are situations where users forgot their password or when a device is part of a internal investigation and the contents of the device should be made available.

As a BESadmin you can issue the “Set password and lock handheld” request. This request is handled by the BlackBerry Policy Service and the logfile of this service, when set to Debug Log Level 4, contains relevant logging.

To test this I have activated a BlackBerry device and powered it off.

The logging shown below is from a 5.0 SP3 BlackBerry Enterprise Server with timestamps removed for brevity.

Step 1 – Using the “Set password and lock handheld” command

[40000]:{0x20A4} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}SCS::ScheduleCommand – Queuing SET_PASSWORD_REQUEST request
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoWork – Processing SET_PASSWORD_REQUEST request
[30000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::FormatGMETransactionForDevice – Sending SET_PASSWORD_REQUEST request to device, contentType=ITADMIN, size=57, RefId=0, TransactionId=-222333, SRPID=S12345678, Tag=8
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::SendData – Submit ToRelaySendQ, PIN=XXXXXXXX, Tag=8
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoWork – Completed SET_PASSWORD_REQUEST request

Above you see the Policy service accepting, processing and queuing the request.

Step 2 – The device is powered on and receives the Set_Password_Request

[40000]:{0x2088} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoWork – Processing DEVICE_SEND_STATUS_EVENT request
[30000]:{0x2088} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoDeviceSentProcessing – Message has been delivered to device, Tag=8
[40000]:{0x2088} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoITPolicyDeviceSentProcessing – ITPolicy GME Receive Ack for the command SET_PASSWORD_COMMAND – Processing packet, Tag=8
[40000]:{0x2088} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoWork – Completed DEVICE_SEND_STATUS_EVENT request
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoWork – Processing NEW_MESSAGE request
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoGMEReceiveProcessing – Receiving packet from device, size=49, TransactionId=-333444, Tag=856, content type=ITADMIN, cmd=0x3
[30000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::HandleITADMINDataCommand – Ack command SET_PASSWORD_COMMAND
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::SendStatus – Submit ToRelaySendQ, Tag=856
[40000]:{0x2094} {, PIN=XXXXXXXX, UserId=1}RequestHandler::DoWork – Completed NEW_MESSAGE request

When the new device password is accepted by the device there should be a message on the screen regarding an updated policy and a new (device) password.

For more information and details refer to KB04529 on the BlackBerry Knowledge base.