Good Share – error while processing request

We have a small Good Share proof of concept (POC) running. Since the upgrade from Good Share v2.x to v3.x a web based management console is in use. A very nice upgrade compared to the previous management tool.

Recently the web console stopped working as logons resulted in an “error while processing request” message. Good Share client functionality on the device was not impacted. The first basic troubleshooting steps like restarting the Administration service itself or the webserver (Internet Information Services Manager) did not solve the issue.

After some closer inspection we noticed the goodshare_webgui.log contained SSL/TLS errors like “Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel”. A quick browse on the Good support site led us to the cause of the problem, the site’s SSL certificate had expired.

During the first install of the web console a self signed certificate is being generated and bound to the site. This initial certificate is only valid for two months, a bit shorter than expected. I would guess most customers would have replaced the certificate with a valid long term one shortly after initially installing the web console. Since this is a POC we never bothered with a decent certificate from our own internal PKI.

In our case the solution was to generate a new self signed certificate via the Internet Information Services Manager and assign it to the web site replacing the old expired one.

All the relevant info is nicely written up on the Good support site:  Answer ID 4504.