Powershell V2 – CannotIndex error when working with arrays

Ever had the cannotindex runtime exception when working with powershell arrays? I present the following situation: Create three .txt files and verify their creation with get-childitem *.txt. PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> echo 1 > 1.txt PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> echo 2 > 2.txt PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> echo 3 > 3.txt PS C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB> Get-ChildItem *.txt     Directory: C:\Users\administrator.HOMELAB Mode                LastWriteTime     Length […]

SmartOS – DHCP

I’m running a DHCP server on a Windows 2012R2 guest on the SmartOS hypervisor. DHCP wasn’t working though. From the vmadm man page I gather: nics.*.allow_dhcp_spoofing: With this property set to true, this VM will be able to operate as a DHCP server on this interface. Without this, some of the packets required of a […]

SmartOS – Alias property

When you create a new virtual machine in SmartOS an UUID is generated and assigned. These UUIDs are not very informative which can make it a bit hard to distinguish one virtual machine from the other.   Example: which one is my Slackware box? # vmadm list UUID                                  TYPE  RAM      STATE             ALIAS 07fc9d1d-58a6-4665-9673-93340a406ab9  KVM   512      […]

SQL Server 2012 Express and remote connections

During the installation of a BES10.1.1 proof of concept I noticed my fresh SQL Server 2012 Express instance was not accepting remote connections. After a short investigation I learned that a SQL Server Express installation does not listen for remote connections out of the box. How to enable remote connections? 1) Enable the TCP/IP protocol […]

Installing only security updates with yum

When you run yum check-update it will show you all available updates relevant to the system. However on a production system you normally would want to install only necessary security updates first allowing you to address the other updates when you deem them necessary. Enter the yum security plugin. The yum security plugin allows you […]

Installing Windows Server Update Services on Windows Server 2012 with PowerShell

I will describe how to install a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on W2012 using powershell. Some notes: This will be an autonomous installation which will fetch updates directly from Microsoft Update; The database will be the default  Windows Internal Database called “SUSDB” located in C:\Windows\WID\Data. First install the Windows Update Services Role and the […]