Restarting a specific Message Agent on your BES

In situations where a Message Agent is not running correctly or showing strange behaviour you may want to restart it. If the other Message Agents are not showing problems you would not want to restart the Message Agent service as this would restart the other message agents too.

You can stop a specific agent by ending the BlackBerryAgent.exe process of the Message Agent. The absence of the agent gets detected by the BlackBerry Controller causing it to relaunch the Message Agent.

For example let’s say you want to restart Message Agent 5 on your server. First find the process id (PID) of the agent. To find the PID you open the most recent log (agent 5 uses MAGT_05 in the filenames) and search for “Process Id:” Near the beginning of the log you should find something similar to this:

[30000] (06/30 12:47:17.899):{0x2074} [ENV] Current Process id: 4116

Now you know what process to end to you can stop this process remotely with pskill, powershell or some other tool to kill processes remotely.

Of course you can just log on to the server and use the Windows Task Manager to end the process. Make sure to “Show processes from all users”. To have the Task Manager show the PID you first have to click View -> Select Columns from the menu and tick “PID (Process identifier)”.