SmartOS – DHCP

I’m running a DHCP server on a Windows 2012R2 guest on the SmartOS hypervisor. DHCP wasn’t working though.

From the vmadm man page I gather:


    With this property set to true, this VM will be able to operate as a
    DHCP server on this interface.  Without this, some of the packets
    required of a DHCP server will not get through.

To get a DHCP server working you need to configure the allow_dhcp_spoofing property to true to prevent some of the DHCP traffic being filtered.

I accomplished this with the vmadm update command:

vmadm update 0760b78b-dab4-4201-9c90-633fecbd86b5 << EOF
"update_nics": [
"interface": "net0",
"mac": "82:92:d6:ad:dc:87",
"allow_dhcp_spoofing": true

In my case a poweroff / poweron was needed to make this change effective.