Teamviewer on Fedora 17

TeamViewer is a great tool to support remote clients. Lots of companies or IT service providers use it to support their clients. It is mostly used from Windows clients to support other remote Windows clients but it also runs on linux so you can use it from your Linux client to support remote clients, even other Linux clients.

Warning: TeamViewer is proprietary software.

Let’s concentrate on the latest version (8.x) of TeamViewer. For Windows version 8 has been released, for Linux 8 is currently still in Beta.

Installing the software:

Grab the TeamViewer software from their site.  Download the full version so you can initiate connections. For RedHat6 / Centos6 and Fedora the version is currently at 8.0.16675-1.

curl -o teamviewer_redhat.rpm

To install the package obtain root permissions and run:

yum install teamviewer_redhat.rpm

Yum will check dependencies and mark any missing packages for download.

I received a minor error during installation, probably from the post-installation script, possibly due to the fact that my test-machine is not running the default desktop manager.

  Installing : teamviewer-8.0.16675-1.i686                                  1/1
/opt/teamviewer8/tv_bin/script/tvw_aux: line 69: xdg-desktop-menu: command not found
Failed to issue method call: No such file or directory

It seems updating my desktop menu failed, nothing serious.

Running TeamViewer:

To run TeamViewer you do not have to use root permissions.

You can start TeamViewer simply by running teamviewer from a terminal or by using the icon in the menu if you did not get the same error as I did during installation.

During the first start of TeamViewer you will probably see some wine related messages during the initial configuration. After accepting the license agreement you are ready to use TeamViewer.