Unable to enable deleted BlackBerry user

I ran into this error message twice today when creating BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) accounts using the besuseradminclient.

The besuseradminclient generates an error similar to:

(01/12 17:18:24.999):{0x1344:1} [ERROR] Unable to enable deleted BlackBerry user: test14@example.com,bes01

These errors are generated by accounts still queued for deletion.  Removing an account is a background task and normally takes a few minutes, so if you just marked the account for deletion you should wait a few more minutes before recreating the account.

Sometimes an account marked for deletion is not removed after an extended period of time. In this case you should intervene manually.

Logon to the BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS) and search for the account through the Manage users interface. Set the option Queued removal of BlackBerry services to YES. The account (and maybe others) will show up in the result. You can remove the account by clicking on the account and choose Immediate removal. Now you should be able to recreate the account.