Unable to send email from BlackBerry – “Exceeded mailbox quota”

Last time I wrote about missing “Send As” permissions for the BES service account.

This part is about a fairly obvious reason for problems regarding sending email from the BlackBerry. In normal situations this will only occur with individual users.

Sending messages from the BlackBerry fails, the mail is being displayed with a red X in the message list with as the status “Exceeded mailbox quota”. This warning will also be in the message agent log so if the user fails to give you details you can still find the reason. The users mailbox quota has been exceeded i.e. the mailbox is too full.

On some Exchange systems the quota warnings will be generated only once a day so not all users will not be aware of a situation when their mailbox just passed its send quota.

The solution is simple, have the user delete/archive mail or adjust the quota upwards. Check article KB02511 for more information.

There is also a mailbox quota setting for receiving mail, generating err_mailbox_full warnings in the logging,) but generally the imposed send quota is lower than the receive quota meaning it is reached earlier.